How to Work Remotely and Stay Connected Without Spending an Extra Penny

9 Free Tools You Can Start Using Today

Are you trying to work remotely, but are struggling to find ways to keep in touch with colleagues, staff and or customers?

With so much tech out there, it can be overwhelming just trying to figure out how to get started.

And what about the extra cost involved?

In this pre-recorded webinar, I'll introduce you to 9 tools you can start using today that will help you.

And the bonus is that they can all be used for free - you don't need to spend a penny extra to get up and running.

I'll also tell you about how you can get free help from me in my Drop-in Techbuster Workshops.

The webinar has regular start times throughout the day (and night), or you can watch it instantly right now.

Duration: 49 minutes

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Andrew McEwan

Andrew is a marketer and business owner who also spent 20 years in broadcasting as a presenter and commercial producer.

He now helps people take back control of their business through Smart Customer Management, Marketing and Automation.